Friday, March 31, 2017

April Goals

March kind of got away from me. I had so many plans and goals that were derailed by my battle with a lack of motivation and the end-of-winter blues. I am looking forward to a fresh start in April with new goals. But first let's check in on my March goals:


  • Figure out a day care solution. So far it's still just me watching Victoria, but I have two sitters who can come over to help during busy days. Checking out day cares and preschools is on my to-do list.
  • Go on a date night. Graham and I took our first night away from V in two months to go to our friends' engagement party. I want to do regular date nights from now on. I am not going to say I would like to do one every week, though, because Graham's work schedule is chaotic and it's not always realistic.
  • Start half-marathon training. I started training ... three weeks late. Also, I ran fewer than 10 miles during my first official training week, so I had a rocky start. I plan to get back on track this month.
  • Attend four yoga classes. I attended three yoga classes and did more at-home yoga this month. I also renewed my Yoga Alliance membership and applied for a teaching job. I plan to write some yoga posts in April. (If this is something you'd be interested in reading about, please comment below.)
  • Go on at least one group run. Not done. I signed up for several, but I never made it. (See my post on motivation to work out for more.)

  • Enroll in a photography course. The four-week class I want to do starts in June. In the meantime I plan to practice on my own and read photography blogs.
  • Create an updated media kit. I started my media kit but was too tied up with freelance writing to devote much time to this. 
  • Write and send a newsletter on running. Not done. I plan to work on this in April. 

April goals


  • Ramp up half-marathon training. 
  • Attend four yoga classes.
  • Match March's freelance writing income (or surpass it). Let me know if you'd like to see a post on sources of freelance income.
  • Make blog updates. I want to start working on updating my pages, header and more. Any designer recommendations?
  • Film at least four YouTube videos. Please subscribe!
How did you do on your March goals? What's on tap for April?