Monday, April 4, 2016

Half-Marathon Training, Week 6

Week 6 of half-marathon training was a recovery week after increasing my mileage last week. I am happy with how I did despite the weather changing my plans over the weekend. 

Here's how Week 6 went:

Monday: Rest day. 30 minutes of yoga at home.

Tuesday: 2.54 miles at Orangetheory. I warmed up for .43 mile, then I ran a mile in 10:14, including two full minutes of walking. I really pushed myself. When I was running I was at 8:34 minute/mile pace. Then I ran a mile nonstop at about a 9 minute/mile pace. Floor workout included single-leg squat jumps, bicep curls and burpees. This workout was intense, and I was really into it.

Wednesday: 2.83 miles at group half-marathon training -- in the rain! The wind was intense, too. We started by running .33 mile, then doing three sets of walking lunges. Then we ran up six flights of stairs twice. Then we did leap frogs in groups of five, running .5 mile each time. (The last person sprints to front, repeating.) I was dying. I am dead. 

Thursday: Rest day.

Friday: 2.04-mile run around my neighborhood to test out my new headphones. It was chilly but sunny. Chicago is so beautiful; I stopped to take photos often.

Saturday: Shoveling wood chips and pushing wheelbarrows at the Cesar Chavez Day of Service at Peterson Garden's Global Garden in the SNOW. It was April 2. Whyyyy? I enjoyed the event, but it left me sore. My trapezoids and triceps were barking the rest of the night. I pushed my 5-miler to Sunday instead. I will consider this strength training.

Sunday: 5 slow miles. I meant to do this on Saturday and then go to Orangetheory on Sunday, but Chicago decided to snow/sleet on and off all day and I was exhausted after volunteering. My back and arms were still sore during this run, and Chicago had strong wind that nearly made me trip at one point. I took it slow and easy, even walking for a few minutes here and there. 

Mileage: 12.41.
Yoga minutes: 30.


I neglected yoga this week, and I know I could have benefited from it. This happens every so often, and once I get back into it I find some stress relief. I am signed up for a yoga event next weekend that I've been excited about for months. I also need to get started on my Orangetheory marathon in the month of April! As you can see my fitness to-do list is long, but I'm happy about that.

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