Monday, September 19, 2016

Chicago Marathon Training, Week 14

I'm ready for the marathon! I ran my longest distance of Chicago Marathon training on Saturday. I now have the Chicago Half Marathon on Sunday, a long run of 10 miles the following weekend and the marathon on Oct. 9. It's all happening!

Recap of Week 14 of marathon training:

Monday: Rest. I planned to run 9 miles but I felt sick and exhausted. I slept instead, and it was just what my body needed.

Tuesday: 2-mile run before work to evaluate how my body was feeling. I felt great and the weather was perfect.

Wednesday: 2.4 miles of hill workouts at group marathon training. Our coach told us it was runner's choice night, which meant each of us could decide what we wanted to do. It had to be one of the workouts we have done, so I chose hills. I felt like since I live in Chicago I don't get enough of a hill workout, and they are extremely beneficial.

Thursday: 1.7 miles at Orangetheory. I waited until after work to work out, which meant I was mentally spent, but the workout was great. It was an all-woman class and coach played mostly Beyonce and Rihanna -- the perfect playlist if you ask me. 

Friday: Rest day.

Saturday: 20 miles at group marathon training. I have been doing my long runs by myself, but I felt it was important to run the 20 miles with my team to motivate myself and to have run support (water and cheers). All of Chicago seemed to have their 20-miler that day as well. The trail was packed and it was an exciting atmosphere. It felt like race day. Shoutout to the high-school kid who handed me his cold water bottle, a police officer who gave me a whistle with a compass and a light, all the stations by various running groups who handed out water and Nuun without caring which team you are on, all the people cheering along the trail, my coach and all of my teammates, who made the run a lot more enjoyable! That night, however, I felt dehydrated. A headache hit me during dinner and it only intensified. By the time I got home I was ready to be sick. I went to bed at 8:30 p.m. that night and I felt better by that morning.

Sunday: Rest day.

Week's mileage: 26.1


I felt like my 20-miler was like race day. I was even a bit emotional at times, because it felt like all of Chicago was supporting us. By us I mean the hundreds of runners on the Lakefront Trail over the weekend. Many other running groups had their 20-milers as well, and everyone cheered each other on and even shared water. I am so excited for the marathon!

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