Thursday, September 1, 2016

September Goals

August was another blur. We say that every month, don't we? September will be exciting because Graham and I celebrate our second anniversary this month and we are one month closer to some major changes. Baseball season is also heating up, and the Chicago Cubs are a big deal for the Flora family, so we'll be closely watching and cheering for the team all month long. It's also my last month of marathon training before the Chicago Marathon on Oct. 9, and I run the Chicago Half Marathon on Sept. 25! Last but not least, I will be heading to Phoenix for a short weekend to see family. I also have hopes for another weekend trip, but we shall see how things play out.

Before I share my September goals, I like to check in with how I did last month.

August goal check-in:

  • Check off five items from my bucket list: Go to Lincoln Park Conservatory and the Field Museum, yoga at Millennium Park, volunteer at a community garden and see a movie in the park. I went to a movie in the park, but things didn't quite go as planned. I had plans to cross off yoga at Millennium park and volunteering last weekend but both were canceled because of the rain. I also canceled plans to go to Lincoln Park and the Field Museum because of major events that made parking super expensive. I hope to get to most of these in September.
  • Dine out no more than once a week. Graham and I only got out to eat once a week. I did go out to eat with a couple of friends, but it wasn't anything too expensive.
  • Stay on track with marathon training. Success!
  • Film at least four videos of fun stuff I do this month. Done, but I didn't post all of them. I decided to re-film a couple of them in September.

September goals:

Recent videos:

I also want to grow my blog community and post more on Instagram. What are your goals for the month? Share them below!

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