Monday, April 11, 2016

Half-Marathon Training, Week 7

The plan was to finish 10 miles on my long run this week, but Chicago weather foiled my plans again. I learned flexibility is key in training and I was able to rearrange my running schedule. I still felt like I had a solid week of challenging workouts, and I'm proud of that. 

Monday: Rest day.

Tuesday: 2.62 miles at Orangetheory. I also somehow burned 731 calories; in comparison, I usually burn between 500-625. It makes sense given that I was fuming from our apartment situation at the moment. We live in a building that was foreclosed on and now the bank and proposed owner want us to move out. The stress has been getting to me for months, and it's reaching a boiling point. I just want this situation to be over with. Anyway, back to the workout: The floor workout included squats to high pulls with 15-pound weight, during which the instructor said I have perfect form. That was definitely an ego boost. My fastest all-out pace was 7:34, so that was a win as well. We also did 3 minutes of all-out rowing that had me out of breath. It was an excellent workout day. Thanks, stress! 

Wednesday: 3.65 miles at group half-marathon training. We ran 1.09 to the beach, did 1.3 miles of drills, then ran all the way back to our cars. The drills on the beach were intense:

  • Sprints back and forth.
  • High knee jumps back and forth.
  • Side shuffles.
  • Grapevines.
  • More sprints.
  • Butt kicks.
  • More sprints.
Thursday: Rest day. Yoga at home.

Friday: Orangetheory on my lunch break. I ran 2.49 miles, including NINE all-outs. My all-out paces were 8:34 mile/mile for the first eight and 7:20 for the last all-out. Floor workout included squats to presses, bicep curls, 180-degree squat jumps, squat to jump lunges, ab roll-outs with the dolly, double crunches and pushup jacks. We also did three 150-meter rows at about 35-37 seconds each.

Saturday: 50 minutes of yoga at the John Hancock Center observatory. I awoke at 6:30 a.m. on a Saturday, which should be illegal, but the view was worth it! I will write more about this event, which is hosted by Yoga Six, this week.

Sunday: 6 miles. It was supposed to be 10 miles, but I was nervous about ice. By then it had mostly melted, but there had been freezing rain the night before and more rain on the way. The wind was pretty strong in some spots as well, and it was only 30-something degrees with a "real feel" in the 20s. I was not feeling it this day. I did what I could and pushed my 10-miler to next week.

OTF Charity Marathon mileage so far: 5.11.
Week's mileage: 13.76.
Yoga minutes: 60.


Turn stress into your motivation. Use that rage for a productive workout. When you don't feel like working out, do it anyway. I was so stressed out and exhausted from running around all day Wednesday, but I'm glad I still went to training. Only 12 of us showed up to run in the rain. Why do we run in the rain? Because it can rain on race day!

I'm also proud I finished 6 miles on Sunday despite a crazy-weather weekend. I learned sometimes you have to be flexible in your training. Luckily I still have time to get both 10- and 12-milers in before the half-marathon. Next week I have 6 miles scheduled on Saturday, so I'll do 10 since I did my 6 this week. That will be followed by 12 miles and then 8 miles.

How was your week? Are you following a fitness plan? Let me know in the comments, and please subscribe to my newsletter!

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