Monday, April 25, 2016

Half-Marathon Training, Week 9

I did things a little differently this week. I trained for four days and took three straight days off to go to Louisville for the Thunder over Louisville celebration. It was an amazing time with two of my favorite people. More on that later, but here's how Week 9 of half-marathon training went.

Monday: 1.44 miles at Orangetheory.

We ran .5 mile at a push pace (9:40 to 8:30 by the end of it), then did floor workouts: 20 bicycle crunches and 20 side crunches. We repeated but I only got to .3 mile before moving to the rower, where we did 800 meters. That was followed by goblet squats (with weights) and tricep extensions. We repeated with 300 meters each time and I did this three times total. We returned to the treadmill for another .5 mile at push pace, followed by mountain climbers (Reps: 16/20) and rollouts on the TRX strap (Reps: 16/20). Then I ran out of time so I went back to the treadmill for a 1-minute all-out run. I ended on the rower, where we did 800 meters again, followed by bicep curls to overhead press and 300-meter rows in between. I was sick of rowing.

Tuesday: 2.37 miles at Orangetheory, including a 45-second all-out at a 3 percent incline. Yikes. We did several all-out runs, but that was the most intense. We also did three 1-minute rows, one in each floor block.

Floor workout included:

  • Tricep extensions on TRX strap
  • Chest press on bench at an incline
  • Burpees with dumbbells
  • Pushups
  • Bicep curls on TRX strap
  • Static crunches with scissor legs
  • Plank to low rows with weights

Wednesday: 1.33 miles at Orangetheory. The running portion was a run/row, so the mileage wasn't as high as it usually is because we had to row in between push and all-out paces.

Floor workout included:

  • Speed skater lunges
  • Single-arm tricep kickbacks
  • Squats to overhead press
  • Chest press on the TRX strap
  • Single-leg V-ups
  • Plank to touch (A weight is in front of you and you touch it once with each arm, 20 reps)
  • Torso rotation with TRX strap
  • Power pullups with TRX strap

Thursday: 2 miles outdoors. I received an email at 4 a.m. that I received an entry into the Chicago Marathon! I'm excited and scared at the same time. My 2 miles were four half-mile repeats. My times were: 4:47, 4:25, 4:27 and 4:29. I felt great -- probably because I was on a high from getting into the Chicago Marathon!

Friday-Sunday: Rest days. I was supposed to do a 12-miler on Saturday but I'm pushing that back to Tuesday of Week 10. 

OTF Marathon: 12.66
Week's mileage: 7.14
Yoga minutes: 15


While this wasn't the best training week, there was much to celebrate: I got into the Chicago Marathon! I will officially start training in June, and I can't wait! I learned that it's important to take breaks for fun so that life doesn't revolve around one activity. On the days I do train I have been feeling motivated and kind of like a bad ass. It's so difficult to get into exercise but you reach a point when it becomes something you look forward to every day. I am excited to get to regular training, including a 12-miler, in Week 10. Follow along on Twitter and Instagram!

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