Thursday, October 6, 2016

Chicago Marathon Training Weeks 15 and 16 | It's Race Week!

It's race week! I can't believe it: I am running 26.2 miles this weekend. And next week will be even crazier, but I'll share more about that after the marathon.

Week 15

I didn't recap Week 15 of Chicago Marathon training because I had a cold and didn't work out much. I didn't run my planned 10 miler either, because it was raining and I felt terrible. That week consisted of three Orangetheory workouts. (Week 15 was the week right after the Chicago Half Marathon.)

Week 16

Week 16 of training is race week. This is the plan:

Monday-Tuesday: Rest day.

Wednesday: 2 miles at Orangetheory at lunch and then 3 miles at group marathon training. We did 8 runs up the stairs of a parking garage (40 flights total). We also ran to the hill and did 15 times up and down with various drills (like side shuffles) each time.

Thursday: Rest day with stretching.

Friday: Pick up my race packet and more stretching. 

Saturday: Rest and elevate my legs. 2 mile shake-out run in the morning.


I'm excited to share how the marathon goes next week. If you're running or have ever run a marathon, tell me about your experience in the comments!

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